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The cooperation in criminal matters is a collaboration tool allowing a criminal authority of a country to appeal to a foreign authority for lute against offenses has international character or performance measures within the scope of the criminal proceedings. The internationalization of criminality and other forms of transnational crime were responsible for the implementation of this system at regional and global level. Like all other countries of the world, Madagascar is actively involved in the development of this international cooperation. But one wonders whether the offenses for which such assistance is applied are limited or not. In other words, is that such cooperation is limited to offenses under the International Convention? The answer to these questions requires the determination of the areas on which cooperation can take place. In other words, the statement of offense to the achievement of which assistance or more precisely corporation may be requested. The main Issue on this paper purposing international cooporation between Madagascar as sovereignty state with other states to fight criminal matters. This paper use juridical normative with library research methodology. Madagascar like any other country in the world has signed since its independence, a Judicial Cooperation Agreement to deal with any kind of legal constraint internationally. In fact, the cooperation is a strategy that aims to curb impunity. Therefore: the prerequisite for the establishment of justice. But to achieve effective cooperation, it is necessary that each country shows its resolution to fight together against crime through cooperation.

Kerjasama dalam ranah hukum pidana menjadi alat atau sarana yang memperbolehkan bagi penegak hukum di suatu negara untuk mengajukan banding terhadap negara lain. Keadaan ini harus dipandang sebagai upaya untuk mengikatkan diri dengan tidak dimaksudkan turut campur terhadap proses peradilan pidana. Perbuatan kriminal dalam ruang lingkup internasional dan bentuk lain dari kejahatan trannasional menjadi pemicu dilaksanakannya sistem peradilan pidana ini, baik tingkat regional maupun global. Madagaskar sama halnya dengan negara lain secara aktif turut serta untuk mengembangkan sistem ini, akan tetapi yang menjadi pertimbangan apakah tindakan ini dapat dibatasi atau tidak?. Lain kata apakah tindakan ini dapat dilakukan di bawah Konvensi Internasional?. Jawaban atas pertanyaan ini memerlukan penetapan bagian-bagian dari kerjasama yang diperbolehkan untuk dilakukan. Lain kata pernyataan turut serta dalam ranah kerjasama dapat dicapai melalui permintaan agar dipenuhinya keadaan tersebut. tulisan ini ditujukan untuk mengkaji kerjasama internasional antara Madagascar sebagai sebuah negara berdaulat dengan negara-negara lain dalam memerangi tindak pidana. Tulisan ini menggunakan metode yuridis normatif melalui penelitian kepustakaan (library research). Madagascar memiliki komitmen dalam setiap bidang hukum yang berkaitan dengan kerjasama internasional yang saling mengikat dalam Judicial Cooperation Agreement, demi pencapaian kebutuhan akan keadilan. Kerjasama ini dapat berjalan secara efektif, bila setiap negara memiliki resolusi untuk memerangi kejahatan melalui suatu kerjasama.



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Conventions and International Agreements

Cooperation Agreements signed in Paris June 4, 1973 between the Malagasy Republic and French Republic.

International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism 1999.

Additional Protocol to the UN Convention against Transnational Crime in 2000 organized to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons,Especially Women and Children.

United Nations Convention against Corruption of 31 October 2003.

African Unity Convention on the Prevention Action against Corruption.

OAU Convention on the Prevention and fight against terrorism (Addis Ababa on 8 July 2004).

Texts of Laws

ACT of 10 March 1927 relating to Extradition Of Foreigners, (Made applicable to Madagascar by order of 23 June 1927 JOM of 2.7.27, p.640, RTLI).

Act No.2004-030 relating to Code of Criminal Procedure Malagasy.

LAW No. 2003-017 OF 27 AOUT 2003 Authorizing The Ratification Of The International Convention Of The Oau On The Prevention And Fight Against Terrorism.

LAW No. 2003-019 OF 27 AOUT 2003 Authorizing The Ratification Of The 1997 Convention For The Suppression Of Terrorist Bombings.

LAW No. 2004-017 of 19 August 2004 Authorizing the ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption in Madagascar.

LAW No. 2004-018 of 19 August 2004 Authorizing The Ratification Of The Convention Of The African Union On The Prevention And Fight Against Corruption In Madagascar.

LAW No. 2004-041 of 14 January 2005 Authorizing The Ratification Of The Additional Protocol To The Un Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Their Parts And Components And Ammunition.


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